July 3, 2022

What To Do When You Don't Feel Good Enough

What To Do When You Don't Feel Good Enough

God's dreams for our lives are big.

He has plans for our future to give us hope.

We have to stop allowing negative thoughts to enter our minds.

Don't 'fall into the trap of feeling not good enough.

Those thoughts are not from Him.

We must cast them down.

Instead, think of the good things you have done and are still doing.

We are made for more than good enough.

We are a product of what we tell ourselves, what we believe, and the actions we take.

We must be careful of what we tell ourselves. 

Paying attention to how we respond to compliments can tell us a lot about ourselves.  

Can we receive them gratefully, or do we minimize them?

Learning to feel good about ourselves is what this episode about. 

These tools that help me build my self-worth and self-esteem.