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Keeping it Real & Deep

I love how Vernon always keeps it real and brings us a wide range of knowledgeable guest that he goes deep with to challenge our thinking.

Host with a big heart

With every episode, Vernon gives the listener some useful and helpful information, no matter what issues they are dealing with. He also treats his guests with great respect.

The more we talk the less we hide

Vernon is a rare jewel because he does not hold back on talking about addiction and recovery. Such a great conversation with no sugar coating. Recovery is difficult and part of that is trying to keep it a secret or doing it alone. Vernon helps to normalize the emotions and struggle. I also had the privilege of being a guest on his podcast.

Keeping it real with Love!

As a recovering addict myself, this podcast touches many different areas that need to be talked about….and to keep Jesus as the center. Thank you and please don’t stop sharing!

Wow! This man has the answer! Look no further!!

In the middle of a painful cross addiction relapse , post 8 yrs off booze! 💪🏻I innocently picked up a legalized joint. Well? For ME! It quickly became daily use. $$$$ But without many ppl consequences like booze . Except eventually the thc caused me depression and despair...leading a dbl life. I listened to a podcast that suggested sex as a diversion during my cravings. 😳That’s the worst advice I’ve ever heard!! . It’s another addiction! This once agnostic, NOW knows the answer, a higher power. And for me that is Jesus. Trust me!! His yoke is easy.Everything this man said in episode “ I’m sick and tired” made 100% sense to me.

Real talk

Just started listening today. I’ve already listened to 5 episodes. Keep up the great work. A real and raw Christian man in recovery. Man, it’s really encouraged me today. One day at a time man!

Inspiring for everyone!

This podcast is packed with real-world real-life information that can help anybody who wants to be free from addiction or who knows someone who is struggling. Vernon speaks from his own experiences and the perspective is extremely helpful, and the results of his walk with Jesus are inspiring. Thank you Vernon for sharing your story and for exposing yourself in order to help others, and thank you Jesus for the transformation you’ve performed in Vernon!