May 31, 2022

Journey to your Calling with Janice Liggins

Journey to your Calling with Janice Liggins

Janice Hatcher Liggins is an author, TV show host and civic leader. 

She's an entrepreneur and founder of the non-profit organization called The Clarion Call. 

In this episode, Janice and I discuss her book,

  • Not relying on the intellect to understand why the Lord is telling you to do something

  • Why we cannot be stubborn or rebellious and please the Lord

  • Steps to quiet your mind and hear God

  • The importance of attending Church

  • Being obedience to God is what's important 

  • Her non-profit organization The Clarion Call

  • The difference between your calling and your purpose 

Janice Liggins links:

Janice's Website

The Clarion Call