March 14, 2023

What does a Life Coach do?

What does a Life Coach do?

I laughed when I first heard the term Life Coach. 

Football coach, yes. 

But a Life Coach, no way. 

What will they do, develop game plans, and try their best to execute?

Has life gotten so complicated for some people that they may need coaching for cleaning their homes, paying bills, and, God forbid, showering? 

Yes, yes, and yes. 

The janitor at your local High School doesn't have to worry about cleaning toilets for the rest of his life.

He could retire his mop and start his own janitorial business with the help of a Life Coach. 

Life Coaching has been around before, with corporate individuals and sports athletes leading the way.  

Today it has trickled down to us ordinary people. 

Why? Because it works. 

You can hire a Life Coach for about anything these days. 

Career, Relationships, Personal Development, and Health and Wellness, to name a few.

I'm still amazed at how I stumbled across becoming a Life Coach. 

I have always been a natural leader. 

Growing up, teachers would pick me to lead the class, and my Football Coach volunteered me to be the captain. 

I also like helping people. 

My boss noticed my two traits and asked me whether I had ever thought about becoming a Life Coach. 

He planted a seed. 

I ran his idea by my sponsor and family, and they thought I would be an excellent Life Coach. 

How about that? 

A guy who once laughs at the idea of a Life Coach is passionate about being one. 

I help clients take responsibility for their lives. 

They learn new ways to address their challenges. 

And once they see their real potential, a light goes off, which is something to witness.

I love it! 

As a Coach, I do more listening than anything else. 

Listening gives me the inside scoop on their dreams, goals, and potential. 

The hardest part is knowing the solution to their issues and being unable to tell them.  

I ask questions that tap into their unconscious minds. 

They pause. 


Their lost dreams have awakened. 

With a slight shift in their perspective, they can now see beyond their limiting beliefs. 

They begin to believe in themselves and take responsibility for their lives. 

With self-respect and self-confidence, they follow through on their plans. 

They are free. 

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